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We make our Hydraulic Hoses in house with the use of a Caterpillar Combination Hose Press. This tooling allows us to manufacture both Crimp and Pressed Reusable fittings. It has an electronic crimputer the ensures exact crimp diameters to eliminate under or over crimping of fittings. Hoses with Caterpillar part numbers can be made to exact lengths and angle of orientations as original hose assemblies.

We can make hose from 3/8" to 2" crimp and 3/8" to 1 1/4" reusable fittings. We can also make other manufactured hose assemblies using Caterpillar fittings and hose.



On-site and off site training of our staff in house and with Hastings Deering.

We are Environmentally Responsible.

All waste oils are stored and returned to the workshop to be collected for recycling.

Performance Measurement

We measure our performance by our customers satisfaction.

Precision Tools

We use the correct tools and diagnostic equipment to save the customer time and money.


John Franklin

" Great customer service. The guys here know exactly what I'm after."

Alan Gardner

" We were in the middle of Harvest and had a breakdown. We called Border Diesel, and they came out on site, and fixed the problem for us. We were back in the paddock within hours."

Brian O'Rielly

" Our transport company uses Border Diesel. The reason why is that we always get looked after and quickly, which is important for us in our industry."